What to do if dog stopped eating


  • If your dog is not eating for a day but is alert and shows no signs of illness, you dont have to worry. He may have gotten into the garbage or could be less hungry because of warm weather.
  • In addition to decreased appetite, are any of the those symptoms present: Fever, pain, weakness, vomiting, cough, diarrhea, increased water intake, decreased water intake or a change in normal urination? 
    If yes - See Vet Within 24 hours!
  • A decreased appetite can also be the result of an abscessed tooth or gum inflammation. Examine your dogs mouth for problems that could make eating painful. 
  •  If an oral problem is present - See Vet: Make appointment.


  • At the Vet: Many canine illnesses include loss of appetite among the symptoms. Your vet will conduct a complete exam that may include such tests as blood analysis, urinalysis, fecal samples, endoscopy, X-rays, electrocardiograms or biopsies to determine the cause and the proper treatment. 
  • If your dog is dehydrated, he may need to receive subcutaneous fluids. If necessary, he will be force fed or fed intravenously. 
  • Home Treatment: If your dog has no other signs other than a decreased appetite, you can encourage his interest in food by serving some canine delicacies.
  • Natural Remedies: Dogs, especially overweight dogs, may benefit from fasting for a day or two. Give your dog clear chicken broth (made from real chicken and chicken bones...use the meat yourself!). Add a few cloves of garlic for flavor.